Black Dragon Bong


It doesn't get much more fierce than smoking out of a dragon's skull. The Black Dragon Bong has a themed glass neck and mouthpiece. The bottom of the water pipe is a solid white coloring. The dragon head and neck is all black with red piercing eyes and sharp white teeth. There are even nostrils and eyebrows to give the Black Dragon Bong a complete look. There are protruding spines along each side of the dragon's face and and down the center of its skull. The final spine located further back then the rest is actually the mouthpiece. Its straw-like design will make slurping up your smoke very straightforward. You won't have to worry about perfect lip position with the narrow but effective mouthpiece. Between the mouthpiece and long bent neck, there is zero chance any gross bong water will reach your mouth. The 14mm female joint sticks out to one side and is solid black like the head and neck of the water pipe. The included 14mm male bowl has a polished joint. Two raised glass bumps can be found on the sides of the bowl for an easy grip while removing. The Black Dragon Bong stands at about 9 inches tall and has a base width of 3 inches. This themed glass bong will get the attention of anyone who sees it, not just for its beauty but also its functionality. No longer will you have to chase the dragon with the arrival of the Black Dragon Bong from DankStop.