Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong


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He helped you pick out toys so why not smoke with him? The Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong will bring back some childhood memories in a new adult style. With fantastic coloring and interesting details, this themed glass bong will catch the attention of anyone who sees it. Geoffrey has four amber glass feet to help him stand sternly when not in use. No one wants there bong to fall over. The 14mm female joint extends out of Geoffrey's back. It is a fully polished yellow and holds the included 14mm male bowl. This bowl is deep enough for some hefty packs while also having a clear glass polished joint itself. The male jointed bowl matches the yellow coloring of the bong and has two raised glass bumps on either side. These bumps help when handling the bowl. Attached to the 14mm female joint is a fixed downstem. The fixed downstem transports the smoke into the giraffe's belly, diffusing it with water creating a more pleasant smoking experience. The smoke then travels up the neck of the bong. The mouthpiece is located on the back of Geoffrey's head. The face on the Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong is very detailed. A lighter yellow is featured on the giraffe's ears, horns (ossicones), and his eyebrows. Along with his closed mouth and tan lips, his nostrils and eyes are nicely placed. Although he might have a scowling look, Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong is here to help you every step of the way during your smoke sesh.