Puddle Pusher Carb Cap


Sick of trying to get every last drop of your favorite wax from each corner and crevice of a dab nail? You don't want to have to constantly finagle your concentrates with a dabber or waste your dabs by torching them for too long. These problems are usually caused by a lack of airflow stemming from the nail. With theÊPuddle Pusher Carb Cap, you can direct the airflow to nab those hard to reach places with a simple twist of the top. The bottom of the carb cap has an angled spout that shoots air into the where the puddles of concentrate are so it can be evaporated. This is where the term Puddle Pusher comes from. All sides of the nail can be reached now with the Puddle Pusher Carb Cap. The glass carb cap is completely clear. It fits best with banger nails and can be used with 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm nails.