Terp Slurp Banger Kit


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Terp Slurp Big Gulp

The ever-evolving dab gam has been reinvented once again with the creation of the terp slurp banger, and this kit from Dankstop gives you all you need to get started while getting the most out of your concentrates!

The Terp Slurp Banger Kit features a lower stem and tray built into the bucket. This 14mm male banger functions best when concentrates are loaded into the bottom and utilizes vortex technology to create a natural air spiral to vaporize wax and shatter. Not one but two terp marbles act as airflow regulators, creating some of the smoothest hits you've ever had from your dab rig! The vortex chamber houses a red quartz terp pill for improved heat retention and heat distribution across your concentrates.