Grav Labs

Sip Series Martini Glass


The Grav Labs Sip Series is a collection of water pipes designed in the style of beverage vessels you may drink from every day, but never thought you'd smoke out of. All of the pieces in this collection are made from fine borosilicate glass, at the Grav labs studios in Texas, USA, and feature the expert craftsmanship and creativity we have all come to expect from the artists and designers at Grav Labs.

The Martini Glass of The Grav Labs Sip Series has the most unique design and functionality, featuring a broad, five hole swiss perc strategically placed to bounce bubbles of water and smoke off the walls of the creative main chamber. Watch smoke travel up the inner chamber through a well placed straw mouthpiece, filling your lungs with top shelf herbs or concentrates. 

This piece comes with a 14mm male bowl for dry herbs, but we strongly recommend trying it with concentrates as well!