Smokus Focus



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The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Taking storage and display to new levels, the Smokus Focus Launchpad creates a truly unique experience to herb storage taking the mundane to exciting new places. 

The Lauchpad comes with a Smokus Focus Horizon Jar. The Horizon Jar has a child proof tamper evident lid with an air-tight seal and on top of the lid is a thick clear glass layer with magnifying viewing lens. The sidewall is also a glass x5 magnifying viewing lens. Want to illuminate your view? The Horizon jar features recessed LED lighting, activated with the press of a button. Recharge the LED lights with a micro USB-C charger whenever necessary, and cleaning couldn't be easier with the wipe of a micro-fiber cloth doing the trick.

We Have Liftoff

The base of the Smokus Focus Launchpad is where the real magic lies. The Launchpad uses  a reverse magnetic field to create an anti-gravity floating display. 


Maybe it's time your favorite buds and herbs knew what that floating feeling is like too. The Launchpad can make that happen.


The Smokus Focus Launchpad Kit Includes:

  • Smokus Focus Launchpad
  • Levitating Platform
  • Smokus Focus Horizon Jar (White)
  • Smokus Focus Launchpad Power Cable
  • Smokus Focus USB-C Charging Cable