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4-Comp Smooth Crank Grinder


Crank out some freshly busted bud with the 62mm Smooth Crank Grinder in Black. This matte black 4-comp grinder features a unique hand crank that is easy on the wrists. Grinding up even the stickiest nugs an easy operation thanks to its sharp, strong, diamond-shaped teeth. This novel 62mm contraption contains a built-in kief catcher and mesh screen, so you can put a little away for a rainy day with each grind.

  • Hand Crank
  • Clear Window
  • Diamond-Shaped Teeth
  • Pollen Screen
  • Kief Catcher
  • Four-piece design
  • Matte Black
  • 62mm Diameter
4-Comp Smooth Crank Grinder
4-Comp Smooth Crank Grinder