Valiant Distribution

5Ó Pineapple Glass Dab Tool Ð Assorted Colors


Looking for a quality glass dab tool with a fruity flair? Try this funky 5” Pineapple Glass Dab Tool on for size.

  • Worked Borosilicate Glass
  • Pineapple Design
  • Pointed Glass Tip
  • Assorted Colours/Colors
  • For Use with Concentrates
  • Works with Any Dab Rig


This charismatic pineapple-adorned dabber is made from durable, worked borosilicate glass and features a fine, pointed tip. You can use this dabber to easily move and manipulate your dabs according to how you smoke. The pointed tip is ideal for accessing the nooks and crannies of your dab container.


Whether you’re new to dabbing and need a memorable first tool, or you are simply looking to expand your existing glass collection, this sweet pineapple dabber should fit the bill nicely.