Valiant Distribution

Aurora-Beaker Water Pipe-Clear-8in


One of the biggest names in Cannabis is here to bring you the best in smoking accessories. From hand pipes to water pipes and a plethora of papers, you can’t go wrong with this well thought out collection. Simple in design, but functional in nature grab these awesome Aurora pieces.

This beaker base rig is small enough to take on the go, but perfect for at home sessions. It sits 8”/20.32cm and is made from handblown, borosilicate glass. It comes equipped with an 18.8mm ground joint and an inside-cut 18.8mm>14.5mm diffused downstem. This helps break up the smoke and provides a smoother draw. This rig also comes with a 14.5mm male quartz banger. Quartz is an ideal material to use as it heats up quickly and provides quality flavour. The sturdy bullet-hole ice pinch allows you to pop a few cubes in the top to ensure a frosty finish.

The sleek, clear design of this piece is perfect for the minimalist and is adorned with a black Aurora logo on the side. The unique top helps this piece stand out, making it a connoisseur collectors dream rig.