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"Mandala Disk" Channel Carb Cap


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The dab game is ever evolving. You need to look no further for evidence of this than the carb cap, that was non existent in the days of dome and nail attachments, and is now an integral part of the wax concentrate smoking process. Channel Carb caps such as these are as advanced as they come, but that does not mean they are difficult to use in fact quite the opposite is true!

Placing one of these disks on top of your banger require no rotating like typical carb caps need to redirect flow, as the intricate sandblasted designs do all the work for you. Add banger beads or terp pearls to the mix and you can really see what these directional channel disks are capable of. With the press of a finger to secure the disk in place, your banger beads will rapidly spin thanks to the channel caps directional airflow control, ensuring you may never waste a drop of wax again! 

This is the peak of current carb cap design, and it is both beautiful and highly functional.