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Famous X Dugout and One Hitter


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Dugout Man

The most convenient accessory for any connoisseur looking to be discreet is a dugout. Small and portable, it gives you a spot to keep a pipe and your stash! This dugout features an aluminum frame, which is super strong and durable. It comes equipped with a metal one hitter bat, sneakily disguised as a cigarette with a serrated edge to help pack a perfect bowl. The top of the dugout has a swivel lid, so it snaps back into place after you have what you need from inside. The stash compartment is roomy so you can grind up and pack more than enough for the day. The colorful exterior is adorned with iconic Up in Smoke imagery.

  • Patented metal digger one hitter bat, swivel lid & stash compartment
  • Pocket sized & discrete
  • Made from CNC aluminum
  • Metal one-hitter bat
  • Swivel lid
  • Stash compartment
  • Small enough to slip into a pocket
  • Available in black, green and purple
Dugout C&C "Famous X"
Dugout C&C "Famous X"
Dugout C&C "Famous X"
Dugout C&C "Famous X"
Dugout C&C "Famous X"
Dugout C&C "Famous X"