High Temp O-Ring Kit


DynaVap Hi-temp Parts

Having the DynaVap High-Temp O-Ring Kit is critical when you need them, so make sure you keep a pack in stock. Most often for maintenance, these parts are needed, and they fit on multiple DynaVap VapCap thermal extraction devices!

This kit includes the high-temp o-rings your VapCap device uses in high heat areas. These are durable rubber seals designed to withstand high temps longer than standard seals. These certified replacement parts will keep your DynaVap in good shape and ready to hit.


O-rings Connect It All

With the High-Temp O-Ring Kit are five certified replacement parts. Since this unique thermal vaping device is heated with a butane torch lighter, it is much harder on the rubber o-rings than the steel or titanium of the pipe itself.

These high-temp o-rings come installed on all standard-sized stainless steel tips, as on the DynaVap M. They are also used on DynaVap titanium tips, the OmniVap condenser, and mouthpiece assemblies.

Your DynaVap o-rings keep your VapCap going. And, donÕt forget other great dab gear, like butane torch lighters, which let you customize your best sesh.