Empire Glassworks

Hootie and Friends Beaker Bong


The Hootie Bong by Empire Glassworks is a borosilicate beaker beauty, busting with woodland style! This hand-blown water pipe is packed with colorful owls, butterflies, and mushrooms, nested among gnarled branches, growing thick around with green leaves.

A true artisan painted this treetop picture in glass, giving this hefty piece even more heart. You almost miss the removable 18mm-to-14mm highlighted diffuser downstem and highlighted 3-pinch ice catcher. This beaker bong comes with a hand-decorated matching bowl to complete this unique water pipe. 

Empire Glassworks is known for creating some of the most unique, stylish, and functional waterpipes in all of the smoking world, and their line of large beaker bongs is no exception. The Hootie and Friends Beaker Bong pairs perfectly with all the other Hootie pieces in the Empire Collection found here at Dankstop!