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Glass Blunt JSB Buddy Christ


A refillable and reusable joint? Snooch to the Nooch! Jay & Silent Bob bring you glass blunts for your smoking pleasure. These glass pipes allow you to pack a little or a lot into the end and smoke until your hearts content. Want to take a break mid-way through? No worries. Push the mouthpiece forward and release the burning ash, then simply light it again when you’re ready. This is the perfect accessory for people who can’t roll, people who hate wasting paper or just want to do their part to save the environment. Littered in awesome fan-inspired designs from Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse, burn a blunt with all your favorite cinematic stoners like Jay, Silent Bob, Buddy Christ and the doobage duo themselves Bluntman and Chronic! Collect all 10. Each glass blunt is 3/7.62cm” in length and comes in a dope display-worthy POP tray of 30.

B5143 - Buddy Christ
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