Jay and Silent Bob

15 Bucks Rolling Tray


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15 Bucks, Little Man...

Jay & Silent Bob strike back with an all-new line of rolling trays. These trays are mad notes! Available in small and medium, they’re top quality and a must-have for any JSB fan. An everyday essential item, rolling trays are one of the most useful accessories for cannabis users everywhere. Beyond rolling, you can use your tray to reduce clutter and conveniently store you kit, or to easily take your kit with you on the go. Whether it’s convenience or portability you’re after, Jay & Silent Bob rolling Trays will deliver.

  • Made from Thick Metal Alloy
  • Extremely Smooth Glossy Surface
  • High Edges with Rounded Corners
  • Available in Small and Medium

The 15 Bucks rolling tray features Jay & Bob against a green background with the iconic quote overhead. It offers a smooth, glossy surface to roll on, complete with high edges and rounded corners.

15 Bucks Rolling Tray
15 Bucks Rolling Tray