Banger XL


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The team at LavaTech knows that double the size means double the fun. With this extra big banger, you can add more concentrates for larger hits. The Banger XL is a quartz banger with an opaque base.

While this banger is styled and shaped like most standard banger nails, the Banger XL's base is fully reinforced with layered quartz glass. This helps the Banger XL retain heat longer than other bangers. 

Since the Banger XL is larger than standard bangers, it provides more surface area. This means all of your wax gets vaporized simultaneously, with no wastage left behind. Choose the joint size, gender, and angle that matches your dab rig for the best fit.

Opaque Base Banger
45¡ Banger Nail
Opaque Base Quartz Banger
LavaTech Quartz Banger Nail
Banger XL