Moose Labs

MouthPeace Original


The Original MouthPeace by Moose Labs is an ingenious little gadget that you can take anywhere. This portable mouthpiece fits into nearly any bong or rig, no matter the size. It has a tapered shape, so the natural pressure applied by your mouth creates a seal when it's connected to a piece. Using this flexible mouthpiece is a healthy decision, as it prevents you from getting ill or collecting germs from any of your friends' pieces. You can take take the MouthPeace anywhere you go with the clip-on lanyard included along with it. This mouthpiece is transportable, healthy, and even dishwasher safe. So, you can conveniently clean your MouthPeace at will. This medical-grade mouthpiece is made of platinum cured silicone, adhering to Moose Lab's goal of producing top notch products for an emerging cannabis industry.