Newport Zero Extra Purified Butane Gas Ð 300 ml


Pair the best butane lighters with the best butane fuel! Newport Zero Extra Purified Butane Gas is the perfect fuel to refill your spent torch lighter. It’s of superior quality, has near zero impurities, and works with just about any butane torch lighter.


  • 300ml - 167g - 10 fl oz
  • Extra Purified Butane Gas
  • For butane powered products and all lighters


Newport Zero Ultra Refined Butane is made in the United Kingdom in the Keen plant, their flagship product, and bears the Near Zero logo. The label states that it is extra purified butane gas and the Newport name is synonymous with high quality.

The cap on the Newport bottle is among the most innovative in the industry. It features an astonishing 8 different adapter tips ensuring that a snug fit into any butane receptor or device. More than that though the cap also provides 2 additional flints for use in a variety of different lighters.

If you're looking for a tried-and-true butane fuel from a leading manufacturer that is trusted by thousands of consumers, then you really need look no further.