Northstar Glassworks

Super Unobtainium Glass Rod


Super Unobtainium is a dark blue sparkle. This color has lots of large crystals of metal on the surface. It is well suited for stringer application and blown work. It is easily worked and can take a lot of heat. To keep the color most vibrant, work in a neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. Try to avoid deep encasement as it may cause cracking. Please use Super Unobtainium with care and test before you make any thing that is expensive. Outside work seems to work just great with no problems. Try coating Super Unobtainium with NS-86 Garnet or Pomegranate to achieve a brilliant ruby sparkle. Any transparent color coated over Super Unobtainium looks great. Super Unobtainium has lots more sparkle but does not have the Gun Metal surface of Unobtainium. Available in 1/4 lb increments.