My Bud Vase



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One of a kind vases, for one of a kind people

My Bud Vase Limited Edition line of bongs are more than just a smoking device, but a piece of art uniquely sorced and created. Water pipes in this line are discovered all over the world! When a vase, bottle, or any glass repository with a would be mouhtpiece is discovered, the Bud Vase team gets to work determining where to place the custom designed downstem and slide bowl. Glass is water drilled, attachments are hand crafted, and suddenly a flower vase is also a flower bong! Even after this process My Bud Vase's retain their original purpose, and can still be used to hold those fresh flowers you cut from your garden, or received from a loved one. Each vase is coupled with it's very own stylish artificial flower picked by The My Bud Vase design team! 

My Bud Vase prides itself a beautiful and powerful female brand, and this is reflected in many of their pieces however you won't have any difficulty finding someting for every smoker in your life! My bud Vase products make wonderful gifts for anyone, and are are one of the most giftable brands in the industry, especially for the most discreet of enthusiasts.

Every distinctive piece in the My Bud Vase line makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Olive get's the name from it's lovely green tinted glass that constructs the vase's frame. The wide base and deep curved downstem makes this bong a real beast beneath all it's beauty. The included bubble style slide bowl features a variety of colored latty glass designs flowing within it's walls accented with a blue horned handle for easy grip when in use. The artificial Peony flowers adorn the top of this vase when not in use, and make a great poker tool for your slide bowl and downstem! Olive's skinny neck and round 6mm thick glass frame fit comfortably in hand.Your lungs and flowers will both appreciate the large water chamber of this lovely twelve inch tall vase. Olive is a one of a kind fat bottom bong, don't hesitate in making this water pipe yours, adding a piece that will never be duplicated to your smoking collection.