Perfect Puff

Perfect Puff Chillum/Cigarette Holder


If you are familiar with chillums, the Perfect Puff will be familiar to you. However, it is certainly more innovated than the standard chillumsهتyou may have come across. The first distinct characteristic you will notice is the twist lock technology. Located on the opposite end of the mouthpiece, the twist lock technology is essentially threaded glass. The inner part of the trenchهتhas these threads so you can twist your contents into it, more securely holding it than smooth glass. Another unique feature of this chillumهتis the fact that it utilizes water for filtration. In order to properly fill the Perfect Puff with water, you must pour the water into the twist lock. Make sure that the water level is above the percolation hole when you hold the pipe upright. It is recommended that you experiment with the water level toهتdetermine your preferred water level. In order to adjust the water level, blow into the mouthpiece. Once you've adjusted the water level, make sure the twist lock is completely dry.