Santa Cruz Shredder

Jumbo 4 Piece Herb Grinder


This herb grinder is absolutely insane. With its enormous size, this jumbo grinder by Santa Cruz Shredder is only for the most experienced and serious smokers. Santa Cruz Shredder combines functionality, the latest technology, and the highest quality materials when crafting all of their products. These grinders go through an intense production process right here in the USA that provides durability without sacrificing efficiency. Santa Cruz Shredders are crafted from a single piece of high grade CNC aluminum. Through a process called "anodizing", these grinders have a protective coating that makes them virtually scratch resistant. Instead of using sharp teeth like your average grinder, this gigantic 4 piece herb grinder distinguishes itself by using square teeth. By using square teeth, there is a consistent grind with every use, it won't dull from metal fatigue, and you run no risk of getting aluminum flakes in your dry herbs. This tobacco grinder opens into 4 pieces:
  1. A 4" diameter top with a strong magnet made from a triple layer of Nickel and Copper
  2. The tooth section using innovative square teeth
  3. The huge herb chamber that contains a non-fraying precisely woven stainless steel screen
  4. A pollen chamber that will have significantly less impurities than the competition (due to the high size of the microns in the screen)
This jumbo 4 piece dry herb and tobacco grinder by Santa Cruz Shredder has all of the latest technological advances that make it durable, effective, and a must have accessory for any smoking connoisseur. Its large size also caters to those who indulge in bulk.
Santa Cruz Shredder - Jumbo 4 Piece Herb Grinder
Santa Cruz Shredder - Jumbo 4 Piece Herb Grinder
Santa Cruz Shredder - Jumbo 4 Piece Herb Grinder