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Screen Glass Daisy 144/ Pack 12 - 12 Screens/Tray


A glass screen is handy for a multitude of reasons. This Daisy screen comes in a tin of 12, and 12 tins come in a box. Daisy screens are typically dainty and perfect for small openings.

A screen isn’t necessary to use your glass bong or pipe, but it is preferred by most people. When using a pipe, a screen helps reduce the amount of ash you end up inhaling. If a bong is more your style, a screen will keep your bong and stem much cleaner. This also cuts down on cleaning time, not to mention the amount of 99% alcohol you’re going through.

Over time mesh screens develop holes and get covered with resin, and end up tasting gross too. Glass screens offer a cleaner, healthier alternative. They don’t produce that metallic flavour you sometimes get from brass or stainless steel.

A glass screen is removable and reusable, as long as you don’t lose or break them they can last forever.

To use: Insert the long end of the screen into the small hole in the bowl of your bong or pipe. Next, pack your herbs loosely on top. Now, enjoy! Make sure you remove your screen on a regular basis to keep it clean and maintain optimal effects. It’s easily cleaned with 99% alcohol.

Screen Glass Daisy 144/ Pack 12 - 12 Screens/Tray
Screen Glass Daisy 144/ Pack 12 - 12 Screens/Tray