17" Straight Tube Bong w/ Zobello to 8-Arm Tree Perc


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Made from superior American glass, Zob's 17" Straight Tube features two percolators: the Zobello and the 8 Arm Tree Perc. While many of us are familiar with Tree style percolators, there are plenty of people who are not acclimated with the Zobello perc. In regard to this specific bong, the smoke first passes through the so-called Zobello percolator. Structurally, the Zobello has circular shape with a central hole. On the interior of walls of its central hole, there are two opposing holes. Each hole releases a plethora of bubbles into the water above. After the smoke filters through the water above the Zobello, it then filters through the secondary filtration system: the 8 Arm Tree Perc. And to prevent any water from making contact with your lips, there is even a dome splashguard located above the Tree Perc. As usual, Zob has produced yet another beautifully complex water pipe. To generate cooler smoke and a smoother inhale, you can take advantage of the ice catcher equipped with the bong. Simply drop some ice cubes into the mouth of this thick glass piece. Beyond this straight tube's remarkable performance, it also boasts a stylish appearance. It has 3 Rasta decals. The decals on the neck and tree chamber spell out "zob," and they have a heartbeat pulse trace as their backdrop. As for the single decal on the 5.5" base, it spells out "calimade." This Zob water pipe measures in at 17" tall and has an 18mm female joint. It also comes with an 18mm male bowl, frosted and sandblasted with the letters "zob." This scientific bong is a high functioning, well-engineered piece with style.